Birth Name:  Cory Shaw

Age: 47

F3 Start Date: September 2022

Main AO Post: Shootout

How did you hear about F3 and how did you get your F3 Nickname?

It was the social butterfly, Sketch, that EH’d me. I was a bit of a pushover; he had started a few weeks prior and brought it up while hanging out with our M’s. My M immediately proclaimed, “that sounds like something you’d like”. To which I replied, “don’t tell me what to do!” Par for the course, she was right, it sounded right up my alley - especially the free part.

I’m involved in real estate, and our primary focus for a time was house flipping - the rest is history. As a result, I feel compelled to encourage other PAX to find their porpoise in life… (that’s for LowPass and Impact, who are notorious for bad… I mean dad jokes). 

Already in 2024 you unlocked a number of weaselbot achievements with most of them during the mega cold snap…what was your motivation to go after those awards and which one meant the most to you?

Again, I harken back to Sketch, who was the prominent weaselbot conqueror of 2023. My only motivation to push for 5 achievements in January was to be the first to do so - hat tip to Spike who set the bar with 4 achievements in a week right at the dawn of the New Year, he inspired me. Because I’m so humble, I don’t brag, but it’s nice to have the right to do so! 

As for the cold, even frigid, temps, it aligned with my inner arctic dolphin. I enjoy suffering through an ice bath when I get home from a beatdown, so the outside temps where a welcomed addition to my cold-therapy - the only downside being that I had to put pants on. Sun Tzu once said, “he who ice baths, shall prevail” 

You helped launch and are currently share site Q duties with Sketch at #ao-shootout, how has that experience been, anything you do different and whats in store for the AO in 2024?

Being part of the HIM’s at Shootout is a blessing to be sure. The experience of teaming up to launching a new AO has been great and really easy… I just let Sketch do all the work (wink). The juxtaposition of structure and freedom within F3 makes it simple to embrace the core principles while unleashing the individual to be creative in how they interact with any of the 3 F’s. 

As of late, we’ve started to integrate the 5 core principles, mission and motto at the outset of the beatdown. We’ve also committed to being much more intentional when it comes to naming FNG’s - a name is important and should call that individual to higher-self. If there’s anything I’d do differently, it would implementing these ideas at the outset. 

As for the future of #ao-shootout, that will be a collaborative effort on the part of all the PAX who attend. There is a region-wide focus on the second part of the mission statement, “for the invigoration of male community leadership”, which Aaaayyyy spoke on at the Summit. I’d like Shootout to embrace this call to action.  I’d also like to continue to foster deeper relationships, going beyond the superficial - we are brothers and brothers we shall be. 

You attended the first ever F3 AUSTIN SUMMIT on Jan 13th, what did you think going to the event and what was your overall experience of it when all was said a done?

Going into the event, I had very, very, very low expectations… KIDDING! I anticipated it would be the usual - which is great - F3 gathering, i.e. men pushing, motivating, and carrying (literally) each other. I have to say that the energy and force of almost 30 men working out together was truly invigorating. Aaaayyyy led a great beatdown while weaving the F3 ethos into everything we did. 

Our “round table” discussion was excellent. Sharing the vision with a broader group of men is integral to moving from vision to reality - I would venture to guess that each individual, to a man, embraced the vision and left inspired. The hill to overcome will be to keep that vision at the forefront while making inroads that bring it to life. This process of cultivation will strengthen the band of brothers that is F3, and I am honored to be a small part of a big movement. 



Birth Name:  Sri Harsha Koti

Age: 31

F3 Start Date: 10/28/2023

Main AO Post: RobinsHood

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

Grito, who had the Q that day, asked me questions throughout the workout session. When the topic of my interests came up, I mentioned that I played cricket. Upon discussing some terminologies related to cricket, Red Rider told them about King Ralph, an American movie, where the lead actor played the cricket game in the movie. Grito also thought king ralph is apt to me. So that’s how I got my F3 nick name, King Ralph.

How did you find out about F3 and what were your thoughts coming to your first beatdown (workout)?

I stumbled upon F3 through a News Break app notification, which featured an article by P.O. in the Liberty Hill newspaper. The article caught my attention, highlighting that F3 is open to men of all fitness levels.  Intrigued by the inclusivity and inspired by IMDBU's suggestion in a F3 YouTube video to give it a try for a month, I decided to join. My fitness wasn't at its peak, and I saw F3 as an opportunity to improve. Arriving at my first beatdown, led by Grito, I found the experience positive. The workout was well-structured, and the camaraderie within the group was encouraging. It affirmed my decision to join F3.

Ok, lets talk about “the streak”...since your first post you haven’t missed a beatdown (over 50 straight by the time this newsletter hits the stands). What compelled you to do this and what have you learned about yourself through it all?

I started "the streak" because, four years ago in India, I used to work out in a CrossFit Studio every day for two years straight. It made me feel great, so I wanted to do it again. I've learned that sticking to a routine, even with small workouts, helps me feel more accomplished and mentally strong. It's a simple way for me to stay disciplined and keep pushing myself.

What has been your favorite part of your f3 experience so far and what are you looking forward in the upcoming year?

My favorite part of my F3 experience has to be my VQ . I was pleasantly surprised when 18 PAX turned up, and I managed to lead a solid workout that day. It was a rewarding experience, and the support from the group made it memorable.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, my fitness goals take center stage. I'm aiming to enhance my overall fitness, with a specific target of running 4 miles without taking breaks. Additionally, I'm excited about the prospect of leading more Qs. The opportunity to guide and motivate the group is something I look forward to, and I'm eager to contribute more to the F3 community.



Birth Name: Trevor Lee

Age: 42

F3 Start Date: June 2021

Main AO Post: Was Sasquatch, but now since I launched AO Tiger’s Den that’s my new Main AO.

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

Aaaayyy named me for my love of powersports. When asked about my hobbies I mentioned that I ride a motorcycle, own a boat and use to race jetski’s.

How did you hear about F3 and what were your thoughts coming up to PAX at your first post ?

I was EH’d by my life long best friend BestBoi who is the F3 Hillcountry Nantan. He told me about F3 for a couple months, gave me the run down on all the silly names and culture, and really encouraged me to get involved. So I brought my buddy Spartan along and we were welcomed right in.

You recently launched a new AO in F3 Austin at the Tiger’s Den.....what called ya to action and how did you come up with the name?

In 2022 I took about 5 months off of F3 while remodeling a house and having a new baby boy. My boy was born and had to stay in NICU for 4 weeks. During that time several of the HIM’s from Sasquatch & Moonbase reached out with encouragement, prayers, and even donations and meals. This really emphasized the 2nd F & 3rd F for me and I knew then that F3 was way more than just an early morning beatdown. In January 2023 I started posting regularly again. This summer Sasquatch had grown to a consistent 14-18 PAX and it was time to Starfish. With F3 mission “To plant, grow & serve” and with my personal F3 journey I felt the calling to plant a new AO in North Round Rock. Tiger’s Den is located in the Teravista and the neighborhood school mascot is Tigers. So I just figured it would make good name for group of PAX.

What’s your favorite thing about F3 and do you have any Pet Peeve’s (other than Impact himself) ?

Favorite thing has gotta be the other PAX. Every post I have ever been to there is laughter, banter, encouragement. I’ve never seen or felt a negative vibe at a beatdown.

Honestly no Pet Peeve’s. And about Impact. He will tell you he was named after the free newspaper “community impact” but in reality it’s the perfect name for him because of the Impact he makes on the PAX around him. He’s one solid dude!



Birth Name: James Segeti

Age: 37

F3 Start Date: 08-08-23

Main AO Post: Moonbase

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

Short story long I am 1 of 12 siblings and 4th oldest in the birth order. We’re a big Italian family so naturally, my F3 nickname became Quatro, meaning four in Italian. Technically, the Italian spelling is with one more t (Quattro) but I didn’t want to be mistaken for some sad clown who drives an Audi…I’m a Honda bro for life! I’m mostly kidding, the real story is that after my first post Primer wrote it as FNG Quatro in the Backblast so that’s what stuck.

How did you hear about F3 and what were your thoughts coming up to PAX at your first post ?

I heard about F3 indirectly through one of my friends out in F3 Aggieland (shoutout to Hawk!). He was posting/sharing on Facebook about these sick group beatdowns in the gloom with a group of men; guys who also prioritized their faith in a higher power and fellowship with each other in addition to fitness. I knew I had to check it out for myself, so I punched up the F3 Nation workout map and found Moonbase-only 3 miles from where I live. After dragging my feet for a couple weeks because I was too in love with the fartsack, I finally smashed the HC button in my own brain and just showed up. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect at my first post and a little nervous to be the FNG…but it was great. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and Primer’s beatdown was invigorating! The FNG naming, COT, and coffee after sealed the deal for me that first day, and I left feeling like I had just found something I’d been looking for my whole life. 

You recently had your first VQ at AO Nutcracker…..how was the experience for you?

It was awesome. I’m grateful to have had a few HIM’s encourage me to go for it (thanks Sketch!) and just figure it out by committing and doing. It was fun to lead the ruck (4.3 miles to MOPAC and back with halfway merkins) but truly fulfilling to be able to share what was on my mind at the COT. My hope was that it was encouraging or inspiring to the other HIMs present, and I was glad to be able to have a small part to play in starting everyone’s weekend off right. All in all, it was a great experience-definitely my first Q of many more to come!

It doesn’t look like you have unlocked any of the weaselbot awards as of yet…..are you just holding out for El Quatro award? 

I am no doubt holding out for El Quatro. Every time I see a post pop up in the achievement-unlocked Slack channel I get excited that it’s finally happening, only to be disappointed in my own utter failure to achieve. I’m not letting that get me down though, El Quatro is coming to me soon-that’s gonna be a great day!! 



Birth Name: Scott Knife

Age: 34

F3 Start Date: 01/01/20

Main AO Post: The Green

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

I was a pretty avid volleyball player so DIY picked Spike because of how hard I can hit the ball. It’s since morphed into Spike from the 90s cartoon Rugrats, because I have a herd of Rugrats that I’m always trying to keep out of trouble.

How did you hear about F3 and what was your thoughts coming up to PAX at your first post ?

I worked with DIY and he mentioned that he had tried out this crazy workout group. He asked me to come along with him. The PAX were amazing! I hadn’t worked out consistently since high school so I really thought I was going to die halfway through my first workout. The PAX definitely picked up the six.

As a PAX who launched a few new AO’s in The Green and Rancho… what advice would you give those PAX who are launching new AO’s or thinking of branching off and starting a new one?

Don’t overcomplicate it! Keeping the barrier of entry low is a great way to get FNGs coming out. For me that was targeting specific neighborhoods for AO’s instead of schools or parks. If all a guy has to do is walk, or drive his golf cart, to the AO it tends to make it a little easier to get him to show up

You were the one that introduced me to F3 via a Facebook post and then bestowed the Site/AO Q upon me for The Green and as result now here I sit as COMZ Q…..other than my boyish good looks and supreme intelligence, what else made you think I would be as awesome addition to the F3 Austin leadership?

Your passion for all things F3 and the fact that you are a pretty likable guy. I knew that all I had to do was get a little spark going and you would turn it into a freaking wildfire!

(Interviewer note: Thanks Spike…you damn HIM!!)



Birth Name: Jack Pedersen

Age: 39

F3 Start Date: Sept 2022

 Main AO Post: Moonbase

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

It was bequeathed upon me by Primer in the gloom of a warm summer morning. Sketch, as in ‘I don’t trust you because you’re from California. Sketch, as in 'You’re probably pretty bad at your Creative Director job’.

How did you hear about F3 and what was your thoughts coming up to PAX at your first post ? 

Coconut and Spike from AO-TheGreen both pushed me in the right direction. My first thoughts were… “I really hope these guys like my Lulu Lemon spandex.” followed by… “I really hope today is AMRAP Jane Fondas”. I know that’s two thoughts but I was just so excited!

You’ve came out like a gang buster in July with unlocking a number of new achievements from the Weaselbot, what intrigued you about going for those awards and what would you say to others thinking about shooting for them?

In short, I really dig the ethos of F3. Its so pure. Come for the fitness, stay for the fellowship, be part of something bigger than yourself. We need to find and grow all the HIMs we can. We all need to be anchors for our families, networks, and communities while we navigate this crazy world and I consider myself lucky that I get to do it in the gloom with y’all. So why not get some achievements along the way!? Who’s going to get the first Cadre!?

So you are a recent converter from a  “down counter”  to an “up counter” on Motivators…what brought about that intelligent decision ?

I was peer pressured into down counting by the Sasquatchers but in my heart I know I should be counting up during each of the parts of the motivator wheel counting down on the amount each round….ya know P.O., it was really you that got me thinking that counting UP is really about mindset. We’re super positive over here at Moonbase and addition is always positive. Also, always follow your Q’s lead, thanks for your leadership Spike!



Birth Name: Graham Westbrook

Age:  30

F3 Nickname: Shakespeare

F3 Start Date: April 2020

Main AO:  Bridge/Hemingway

First AO:  Greyhound (under DIY’s command)

How did you get your F3 nickname?

I think Mr. Texas and slides were in cahoots, so when I showed up to my first work out, they already had a few names in mind. :) Originally it was going to be hamlet, but someone mentioned Shakespeare and I think it had a little bit more bravado. DIY kindly pivoted and selected Shakespeare, which I must admit I’m quite fond of. Or in better English, as my inner Shakespeare is wont to do, it is a name OF WHICH i am quite fond :) (never ending on a preposition and all the shit)

Where was your first Q and what do you remember most about it?

My first ever Q, I think was at the Greyhound in which I planned out a shoulder blaster. We did bear crawls, and mini bears in cadence, and crawling the football field for awhile. Good times.

You are big into rucking….and believe you started American Ruck? Tell me more about that and how you’ve been able to incorporate that into your F3 life. 

Rucking helped keep me sane through Covid and taught me the valuable lessons that friendship and fellowship can bring while under load. It’s the kind of thing where, instead of having to go grab a coffee and sit down, we can be doing something while checking in with another guy and learning about their life and struggles. There’s a certain kind of trauma bonding while rucking that can’t be replicated many other places. The heavy rucks are the ones that teach you how important your brothers are to bear weight alongside. The long, arduous rucks are the ones that show you your mental and physical bounds. I’m proud of what we’ve built with americanruck, which is a veteran co owned and American-loving group of studs that doesn’t take itself too seriously and loves functional design, multipurpose innovation and delicious gains. Our patent pending PAINcake is a labor of love by PAX and for PAX to be a better coupon and one that likes to travel with you :) Some of our glow stuff is ready made for the gloom. All in scope for the F3 community we love.

You saved my (P.O.) life…or at least my fingers lives at REBOOT 2022 when you lended me your gloves…..just how cold was that morning?

Frigid, brother, haha. But leaders serve and when one of my guys needs something more than me, I want to lend a hand (or save two in this case). 

What did you enjoy most about that event and as legend has it....did you really eat 6 Hamburgers at Moonies for lunch that afternoon??

The lore is strong and I’ll elect to remain mysterious than mythbust. I’ll say this. I can house more burgers and delete more fries than a man thrice my size (yes, Shakespeare is allowed to use words like “thrice” and refer to himself in the third person, lol)

Thanks for letting me share. Aye!



Birth Name: Scott Herrin

Age: 51 (April 22, 1972)

F3 Start Date: First post – AO Sasquatch, March 24, 2021

Main AO: Sasquatch

How did you get your F3 nickname?

I got lucky. Aaaayyyy was the Q and after hearing all about me, he focused on the fact that I’m an electrical engineer. Based on that fact he dubbed me LowPass, because “that’s an electronic circuit”. It’s fitting because I’ve always been told that I seem to effectively block the noise out and only let the important stuff through. It’s lucky because he came back on the next workout and said “why didn’t I name you Leakage? That would have been SOO much better.” So, yes, very lucky and happy to have the LowPass F3 nickname.


How did you hear about F3 and what was your first Q like?

In 2020, I read a post in the Avery Ranch FaceBook from Spike about a boot camp style workout group for men. I mentally filed it away for a while and then finally reached out to him in March of 2021 to ask if it was still going on. He let me know that he had moved to Liberty Hill and was no longer posting there, but he encouraged me to go out because there was still a good group of guys down there. He was right. I immediately felt at home and after my first post I had no doubt that I’d be back. My first Q was about 3 weeks after my first post. I tried to do a mix of things I had seen others do with some exciting things thrown in from the F3 Exicon site. Somehow, I stumbled upon murder bunnies on the exicon and felt like they had to be a key part of my first Q. So, without knowing that what I had set up was called a Dora-1-2-3, I set up a Dora (to make it easier on myself and not have to call cadence as much). Instead of running while the partner PAX does the exercise, PAX1 was doing murder bunnies out and back while PAX2 did the exercise and then flapjack. I had no idea that murder bunnies were going to hurt that much and I felt a little guilty, so I bought murder bunny patches for everyone that was at my first Q as a “thank you” for not mutinying.

What is the biggest piece of advice you would give a PAX if struggling to stay consistent with attending the AO’s? 

I have a few things that helped me that I would recommend to someone that’s struggling to stay consistent:

1.     Make sure that you’re embracing the 2nd F. You can show up as the workout starts and leave as soon as it’s over and you get a good beatdown, but no real connection. If you take some time and get to know a few of the other guys that are regularly there – maybe grab a cup of coffee or just hang around and chat in the gloom after a good beatdown, you’ll start that 2nd F (fellowship) connection. That connection gives me a little more motivation to come out when I really just want to hit the alarm, roll over, and go back to sleep.

2.     Read “Freed to Lead” to get a better understanding behind F3. Get to know how it got started, and how you can fit in, why some of the things are done in the way that they are, and have a better understanding of how you can make an impact. I did not start reading “Freed to Lead” until 2023 and wish that I had had it handed to me soon after my first post. It’s been a good refresh for me and would have been good additional motivation for me early on.

3.     Sign up to Q!! It might seem a little counterintuitive if you’re new and/or struggling to be consistent, but after my first Q I had a sense of ownership that had not been there before. I started feeling like it was my group rather than a group of other guys that I worked out with. 


Would you ever consider taking a High Pass? 

I’m definitely a Low Pass kind of guy – I’ll have to spend some time while moseying and think about what “taking a high pass” might even look like 😊



Birthname: Pat Rehm

Age:  40

F3 Nickname:  Chernobyl

F3 Start Date:  8/24/2019

Main AO:  CPL (Robin’s Hood) 



How did you get your F3 Nickname?  

I started my professional career as an X-Ray Technologist and still hold an active license.   At my first workout with Golden Pinky and Newton, they kicked around ideas and Golden Pinky came up with Chernobyl named after the nuclear disaster in Ukraine.    Chernobyl= Radiation.   I thought it was pretty clever.    


Where was your first Q and what intrigued you the most about F3?  

My first workout was at Robin’s Hood.  I heard about F3 from a Facebook post by Golden Pinky.  At the time I was looking for something different for my workout and exercise routine as I had been going to the gym by myself for years and it was getting old, boring, and stale.   The Facebook post said “free” so I thought, sure I’ll try it out and see.  I wasn’t sure what to think when I showed up and we were lifting cinder blocks and had weird names for everything.  I went home and told my M, “I think I may have just joined a Cult; I even got a new name.”  Fast forward to a couple of workouts later and I showed up for this month-long workout routine called IRON PAX.   According to the PAX, it was going to be tough.  They were right.  It was an extreme workout that showed me that I wasn’t as in shape as I thought I was.  That really hooked me.  I learned quickly this was not an easy boot camp workout group, it was more serious than that.   In addition, the fellowship and comradery were something that I was sorely missing in my life.   I jumped right in getting involved in the 3rdF Q and then becoming a 1st F Q. 


Do you recall your VQ….how did that go and what would you say to someone thinking of doing their VQ? 

I remember being nervous for my VQ but I also prepared a lot for it.  I had to write my workout out on a piece of paper (Wienke) so that I could remember everything.  I even made notes about how to count cadence and the order to say things.  Honestly, that really helped me out.  The PAX also helped tremendously by correcting things and giving confidence. My advice for those wanting to do the VQ is don’t worry about being perfect.  You will probably make a mistake here or there or have to adjust on the fly, which is completely fine.  That is how we learn to lead, and the other PAX will be there to help support.  Once you do the first one, they all get easier from there.  


First time you and I (P.O.) met was on a 4 mile run with Golden Pinky I believe….what impressed you the most about me?

The shine on your bald head was so impressive in the evening moonlight (I believe it was an evening run). That is what I remember the most!

*Disclaimer:  Bald men can make bald jokes with other bald men



F3 Name: Buddy

Birth Name: Jonathon Ford

Age: 39

First Post: 4/26/2022

AO: The Green

How did you get your F3 Nickname?

I’m a huge Christmas fan… Love everything about the Christmas season and I’m a movie-buff in tandem so it was only natural that I earn a nick name like Buddy al a Buddy the Elf (What’s your favorite color?)

What is your favorite Q exercise to do ?

Being young and having really bad knees really-really sucks - The fact that modifying my exercises to participate and still push myself has been a game changer. The fact that my PAX encourage me even though I’m doing something slightly different really helps motivate me. I actually really like Motivators… I’ve been slowly (really slowly) building up my endurance and conditioning and I feel like I can do more and more motivators each month. It’s a great measure for my personal growth and something I love pushing myself on

How has F3 impacted your life ?

I really can’t properly express how much this community has done for me personally… The tangible fitness portion displays itself daily with my ability to finish a beatdown, play with my kiddos in the yard, take care of menial chores around the house. The 2nd F though is what really gets me charged up… I moved to TX in 2019 and left behind a community of friends and family in CA. I looked for a community to belong to for years before my boy Rip brought me to F3. I have become so much more positive and compassionate since joining my fellow HIM in the gloom… My wife and peers have all commented on the change and it’s so affirming that I’m doing the right things with my life. Finally - Through telling others about F3 and encouraging my peers in the Green I know that I have impacted other’s lives which is so incredibly rewarding… I’m so grateful for the community